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At the heart of the Queer Birth Project is a new national survey used to collect the stories of queer people (LGBTQIA+) in the United States who have experienced family building and/or childbirth. 

The online survey, which includes a mix of closed and open-ended questions, will take approximately 30 - 40 minutes to complete. No personally identifying information will be collected. You may skip any questions that make you feel uncomfortable, do not apply to you, or you prefer not to answer. Upon completion, you will submit the survey electronically. 


Survey Overview

This survey recreates Judy Chicago’s 1981 Birth Project questionnaire. However, it has been updated extensively with inclusive and affirmative language (ex: changing mother to pregnant person, father to donor/ partner, etc), and new questions have been added to explore how different bodies may experience birth. Functioning as both art practice and data development, this research is centered in an intersectional, feminist, and anti-racist framework.
This survey includes the following sections:


7 questions that ask about your gender identity, parental identity, and physical body. 

Family Building

10 questions about family building, this includes anything you did to prepare for childbirth/ becoming a parent. 

Birth Story

10 questions that ask about your most recent birth, labor, and delivery experience(s). If you are a non-gestational parent, adoptive parent, or surrogate, please fill out whichever questions apply to your experience(s). Birth can be a shared experience, so even if you did not physically carry a child, we hope you will still comment on your own birth experience(s). 


4 questions about lactation and breast/chest feeding.


6 questions that ask about trauma, loss, and grief in relation to pregnancy and birth. 


5 questions that ask you to reflect on family and support. 

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