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The Queer Birth Project is an interdiciplinary research project based on the childbirth experiences of queer (LGBTQIA2S++) people in the United States.

The structure of this project is based on a re-envisioning of feminist artist Judy Chicago’s Birth Project (1980-85) and includes:

                   1. a new national survey

                   2. a collection of visual artworks for exhibition

                   3. a co-authored publication


Original data collection will be paired with archival research at the Schlesinger Library at Harvard University and the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Representation and inclusion around birth and family building plays a significant role in expanding cultural ideas, ensuring access to healthcare, and building community. Yet discussions of childbirth in western art and culture have long excluded the lives of lesbian women and non-conforming queer bodies and families. From DIY to IVF, scholarly and artistic attention to queer (LGBTQ+) childbirth and same-sex parenting is still relatively new, and there are unique physical, emotional, legal, and psychological challenges that are imposed by mainstream society.

If you are a gestational or non-gestational parent, surrogate, adoptive parent, a person who identifies as queer, and has experienced childbirth, family building, or parental loss -- consider participating in this project.

* TAKE THE SURVEY (30 minutes)

Project facilitated by:

Liss LaFleur (she/her) ~ artist, educator, queer parent

Katherine Sobering (she/her) ~ sociologist, educator, queer parent​

Instagram: @thequeerbirthproject


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